The *one* thing I've found troublesome about setting up Mastodon so far is the char limit; it's not a vital change, sure, but I *really* don't like being told my single paragraph is too short in the middle of a rant and having to split it into multiple sections just so it "looks nice" in the UI.

There was a PR to implement a char limit variable ( a while ago - but is there any drawback to it other than "the way our UX is designed"? Because I'm really not getting it.

The UX can be changed, right? Use short media by default, provide an alternative (some form of "expand" button, like in gmail's compose interface?) for longer posts... same with how articles work in Hometown (

And besides, "the fediverse" doesn't bend to Mastodon's UX. Other software & instances (like already use long-form posts - and IMO Mastodon that should support them. Otherwise, it's bad UX.

Also, char limits are bad UX.

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@james I'd highly suggest looking at a fork of mastodon. Eugene makes a number of "design" choices against the wishes of the community. Char limit, and simple formatting are two off the top of my head. He recently mentioned not wanting the audio player to have a seek bar because "minimalism". I have a mental note to check out glitch socials fork. I also have dolphin bookmarked to run a small federation instance.

@zaclittleberry I've been looking at Hometown (see my second post - wow, this is an ironic situation), which seems to incorporate a lot of the same changes + some other Nice Things I'd Like, hopefully without a huge impact to maintenance.

In the meantime, I'm trying to apply the PR to Mastodon's current source and... somewhat succeeding? Either way, I'm *very* unfamiliar with this entire software stack (new to React, never used Ruby) so this will be fun.

@james yeah, I almost run commended looking at hometown too, but remembered I saw it recently because you shared it. Lol. I'm also unfamiliar with ruby and after a brief encounter with rails I don't really want to dive into it. Same with react. That's partially why I was looking at dolphin (written in node). Eventually I might integrate activitypub into some of my own projects so I'd like to test the waters with a project language I'm familiar with and build off that

@james recommended* this is what I get for running a de-googled keyboard and not spell checking. Lol. That one actually sounds like a *bone apple tea* if you read it out loud though. Hah.

@james yeah, the thing is, mastodon in several cases supports content (like longer text and even formatted text) but just chooses to limit it for it's own users. I think it's important to remember that Eugene _wants_ it to be twitter, so if that's the place he's coming from, that influences where the software will go. I'm personally loooking for a AP feed reader, that I can also easily publish and extend.

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