There's nothing quite like a massive tech company taking something that an entire field is already dedicated to and executing it poorly, with questionable ethics, for seemingly meaningless purpose and gain outside of PR and ego.

(yes, I'm talking about the dumb arctic code vault)

Sure, this company wants to "preserve open source for future generations." As if that's supposed to somehow make up for that other ice-related thing they're involved in.

Just to be thorough, I'll point out - if they really wanted to preserve open source, they could:
- create a better environment in their own company, let alone open source as a whole
- discount the notion that "code is apolitical" and treat their product as what it really is (a social network)
- stop centering the entire software ecosystem exclusively around themselves, and allow alternatives to become practical and interoperable with their services
- form a co-op that better serves the needs of maintainers & provides a fair exchange of labor, rather than enabling companies to exploit it
- drop ICE

...buuuut they won't do any of these things, because most of them contradict their own existence. A significant amount of open source work might inevitably grind to a halt from burnout, funding issues, and lack of contributors (due to their politics driving all the reasonable ones away) - and how will their fancy code vault help then?

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