I've gone back to my hacky pixel game engine to write a strange wavy snake game and it... sort of works?

Still have a lot of random bugs/performance issues to work out, but this is a lot of progress from what I had the last time I worked on it.

It's a bit annoying that - even in this simple example scene - I'm already reaching the limits of what Java can do in ~60ms (the amount of time I have to draw a frame)

I'm having to pedantically limit the amount of new object allocations and everything, just to get a mere 15fps.

This is why, on Android, the IDE warns against constructing new objects in the View.draw / onDraw functions: they provoke the garbage collector which can create a massive stutter as it pauses the entire application to free up memory space.

To be fair, my issue could also be "I've written poorly optimized lighting code that iterates over every pixel in the radius of each light and traces back to its source to determine the intensity"...

Nah, it couldn't be *my* code that's the problem, let's blame the JVM!

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