I'll be adding some more stuff to this in the future, too - case in point, I'm currently putting together a tuba that goes brrt, and a trumpet that goes doot! (and possibly some other instruments as well)

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Interesting CSS hack I wrote this week: apparently some elements are rendered differently during a transition - I noticed it as a small "jiggle" on my site's nav icons... (setting "backface-visibility" to "hidden" on the transformed element prevents the jitter)

I suppose the browser doesn't know when the back of an element is visible if animating a transform property, but does in a static position? (causing the jitter when it starts/ends)

Anyway, I have smooth un-jittery nav icons now. Just in case anyone was wondering how I did that.

(I know this seems trivial, but you have no idea how long I'd been searching for this fix - really, CSS is hard)

- I forgot to include a comma when adding arguments to a function, accidentally subtracting two numbers and making random parts of the background disappear. (3/3)

(It's nice having direct visual feedback for all my mistakes - makes these bugs a lot more interesting to find!)

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- I wrote some code to keep track of chunk updates and reuse old data to avoid light-tracing on each frame, and used the wrong position value to index them with. (2/3)

This caused *no updates* to occur, drawing light maps on top of each other and creating this horrible mess:

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I've gone back to my hacky pixel game engine to write a strange wavy snake game and it... sort of works?

Still have a lot of random bugs/performance issues to work out, but this is a lot of progress from what I had the last time I worked on it.

I've been working on an inline API documentation library for use with Ktor (a Kotlin/JVM server framework) recently - just published its first version!

It was a lot of fun to write - it benefits from a lot of Kotlin's language features - and using kotlinx.html to create the UI was a fairly good experience.



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